Next Reality? Immersive Medien Symposium

Berlin (Germany) 25-26 June 2019

“Next Reality? Immersive Medien” ( is an annual symposium of the Institute for Broadcasting Technology and the ARD.ZDF that  is dedicated to the VR, AR, and MR and 360  video that was held on 25 and 26 June at the rbb in Berlin.

IT companies, studios, games industry, marketing areas and hardware manufacturers are very active. In the wake of these developments, there are always new options for the broadcasting and media environment in order to retell stories, to create barrier-free access and to draw the viewer into the experience.

During the symposium, experts reported on the state of the art in immersive media for broadcasting applications and the potential of such technology. Insights from new productions were presented as well as future approaches for immersive recording and playback technologies.

RBB team on behalf of the Hyper360 project presented the “Crime scene” demo and introduced the audience to the 3D technologies that is implemented to the Hyper360 Toolkit to enreach the viewers immersive experience the  were symposium the RBB team presented the Hyper360 demos