Hyper360 is aimed at Introducing a complete solution for the capture, production, enhancement, delivery and consumption of an innovative free viewpoint video (FVV) media format to the OTT media sectors, through careful validation and large demonstrations.

Watch our demos to learn how Hyper360 project enriches the 360-degree videos.

Yoco detracker

Real-time capable algorithm for object detection and tracking in conventional or 360° video, utilizing deep learning methods.

Real-Time Multi-person Pose Tracking

Multi-person Pose Tracking with a Webcam at the Hyper360 meeting in Budapest.

Hyper360 brief overview!

Watch this brief video clip to learn about amazing potential and applications for 360°-enriched videos. In particular, 360° video content creation, delivery and presentation through Hyper360 tools.

OMNICAP LiveConcert Production

MultiCamera 360 capture system (OMNICAP) used on a Live Music concert production. Artificial Intelligience Add-On modules selects the best cuts based on measures of “interestingness”, body tracking, gestures, faces, compositional principles, etc. for a real-time live automated solution.

CapTion/ 3D Performance Capture

Early 3D tracking results using CapTion’s 3D performance capturing tool of a challenging headstand performance.

Hyper360 OMNICAP Release 1.0

Multiple 360 Camera capture solution with integrated quality control, automatic object detection and tracking.

Hyper360 Tutorial for smart TV

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate and interact with the hotspots (texts, images, logos and call to actions like jumping from video to another, opening new link out of the environment etc.) in the 360 environment using smart TV remote controller.

3D Volumetric Actor Integration

Hyper360 Augmented Reality player – Real-time Mentor integration and volumetric interaction (4K VR360 + 4K Mentor Video+Live recording on the device).

Hyper360 Artificial Intelligence / Real-Time Instance Segmentation

Hyper360 OMNIPLAYER v2 running on Apple Desktop

Hyper360 OMNICAP Artificial Intelligence module (running on a separate computer) detects and segments people on the live 360 stream in real-time.