Immersive omnidirectional (360º) video is a novel media format, rapidly becoming adopted in media production and consumption as part of today’s ongoing virtual reality revolution, however, the industry often currently sees it only as a “second screen experience” designed to complement traditional broadcast solutions.

As a result, applications of 360º video so far remained mostly in the realm of carefully crafted short (2-3 minutes) experiences, often used to strengthen brand loyalty or deliver a short engaging experience. This is far from the needs of today’s broadcasters, who need toolsets, innovative formats and associated production methodologies to integrate 360º video into their traditional pipelines in a meaningful and practical manner, while delivering new ways of media convergence and personalisation.

Layer: Capturing


The 360 acquisition tool – OmniCap – will integrate a number of modern 360º capturing rigs (either multi camera arrays or tiny fisheye lenses devices) into Hyper360’s OmniCap tool that will focus on capturing high quality 360º content.

Layer: Production


OmniConnect offers many features to enrich 360° videos with different types of hotspots such as shapes, 2D videos, audio fragments, html pages, multiline texts, images and metadata. To do that OmniConnect proposes a user-friendly web interface compatible with any browser supporting the HTML5 and WebGL standards.


The CapTion toolkit is a set of tools for mixed immersive media productions that combine two forms of next-generation free-viewpoint video formats, namely, omnidirectional (360°) video and 3D media.

Layer: Delivery


The 360° video annotation process interacts with the OmniCloud component that physically hosts our database (Database management system), to store and retrieve information for a specific 360° video configuration as HotSpot details (e.g. for text: position, colour, shape, view options as “center of FOV”, “fixed on the screen”, and associated events)

Layer: Presentation


OmniPlayer web application was built on the OmniConnect preview functionality. The Web-Player is based on an open-source 3D library ThreeJS building upon on WebGL/HTML5 technology and is able to work on any web browser supporting the HTML5 standard and WebGL.