Hyper360 webinar: Interactive 360 video production and delivery pipeline

The webinar introduces a complete Hyper360 Toolset for capturing, production, enhancement, delivery and consumption of an innovative free viewpoint video media format to the OTT media sectors. Hyper360 broadcaster partners from Mediaset-RTI and RBB present their pilot application “Grande Fratello” (Big Brother), “Mord in der Tiefgarage” (Crime Scene) enriched with Hyper360 tools.

Hyper360 webinar: Multi-camera production pipeline with quality check and AI

The webinar explains how to enrich 360-degree video content with an innovative Hyper360 toolset using immersive storytelling and interactive user engagement. In more detail, the webinar focuses on Hyper360 multicamera and multiview production pipeline with integrated quality check and Artificial Intelligence elements.

Hyper360 webinar: Volumetric video capturing and 360 video annotation

The webinar introduces the volumetric video authoring tool and 360-degree video annotation with hyperlinks, 2D videos, objects and more following by the OmniConnect tool demonstration for 360-degree video annotation and volumetric video capturing and 3D asset creation.



Hyper360 webinar: Next generation delivery and presentation of 360 video

This webinar explains how to enrich 360-degree video content with innovative and interactive Hyper360 tools. In more detail, you will learn how to personalize and contextualize the 360 video presentation. Series of Hyper360 tools are demonstrated such as semantic content interpreter, recommendation and profiling engine, automatic camera path.